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Smotrich: Supreme Court is harming Israel's security

MK Smotrich slams Supreme Court's 'chutzpah' in forcing Israel to allow terrorists' relatives into Israel.

Hezki Baruch, 27/08/18 10:51

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) slammed the Supreme Court's decision to force Israel to allow the first-degree relatives of Hamas terrorists to receive medical treatment in Israel.

The five women, citizens of Gaza and first-degree relatives of Hamas terrorists, had requested treatment in the Al-Makassed and Augusta Victoria hospitals in Jerusalem. On Sunday night, the Supreme Court refused to allow Israel to reconsider its decision, even from a security standpoint, ordering the terrorists' family members to be allowed into Israel immediately.

"This ruling is a continuation of the Supreme Court justices' irresponsibility, which harms Israel's security," Smotrich said. "The State requested to prevent Hamas terrorists' relatives from receiving treatment, for diplomatic reasons and in order to pressure Hamas to release our captives."

"The Supreme Court's interference is chutzpah. The Supreme Court prioritizes our enemies' lives over our ability to battle Hamas."

Smotrich added, "This ruling is based on a warped value system, in which the Supreme Court justices have mercy on those who are cruel, and treat cruelly those who are merciful. The justices do not rely on any legal basis when they decide to intervene in in the defense system's decisions. Rather, they rely on their own crooked interpretations.

"If the State of Israel wishes to survive, it must deal with the crookedness called the 'Supreme Court.'"

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